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Chakra Set with 7 different healing stones to balance your body and mind Healing


Chakra Set with 7 different healing stones to balance your body and mind Healing
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Chakra Set with 7 different healing
stones to balance your
Body, Mind, and Healing

Healing Crystal Tibetan Silver Bracelet
to balance your body, mind and soul.
Hold it during the day to help realign and
harmonize the mind, body, and soul. It helps release stress
removes blockages, and provides an overall sense of well being

QUARTZ, Clear –Crown Chakra  -The master healer.
Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Aids concentration and memory. Unblocks and regulates energy. Harmonizes the chakras.

AMETHYST –Third Eye Chakra -Calms your spiritual center. It enhances spiritual awareness and assimilation of new ideas. Helps focus and facilitates the decision making process. Great for motivation.

LAPIS LAZULAI -Throat chakra -One of the oldest stones.
Helps to clear and open the chakras. Stimulates the mind and helps with understanding.

GREEN AVENTURINE - Heart chakra. Helps you "turn a new page", to be flexible, create and activate in the new beginning. It is the stone of luck and chance.
It is said to increase perception and creative insight.

YELLOW AVENTURINE Is good for opening and balancing emotions. Reassures and balances the energies. Aventurine also has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps with allergies, and fortifies the connective tissues.

CARNELIAN -Navel chakra. It gives you the power to release your pain, to get rid of it, and to change it for the better. Stimulates analytical capabilities. Enhances one's inherent talents and provides awareness of the emotional
state and inner self. Has a gentle energy and is an overall protector.

RED JASPER -Basis chakra. It enhances responsibility, choice, and compassion. Helps with recalling dreams. Increases energies, assists with protection and rescue from danger. Has a stabilizing effect and helps one to take all his
energy and use it in a balanced manner!


Price: $  25.00 

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